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Number Porting

We Have Reserved The Greatest Numbers For You!

Transfer to Foniva number and have the privilage to get the specialized numbers for you to power up your corporate ID, do not pay any fixed fees.

Foniva Number

Enjoy The High Speed Internet with The Choices of Foniva’s Corporate Internet!

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Corporate Internet

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Bring out the most of your productivity with it’s speed, power, affordability, reportability and security needs through Foniva’s Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS

You Don’t Need To Go To The Office To Get or Send a Fax Message!

Thanks to Foniva’s Smart Fax Service you can get or send fax via your cell phone, email or web portal without a fax machine.Your faxes are kept in the cloud and you can reach them from any place.

More importantly, you will get this service without changing your number.

Smart Fax Service

Foniva is Always by The Youths’ Side!

Foniva is always by the youths’ side!

We are getting  our young people, and the universities together for your unembodied projects. The only thing to do is to contact us.



Foniva Number Transferring

Transfer your corporate numbers to Foniva ,make free calls within your corporates and do not pay the fixed charges.


The Foniva Number

Transfer to the Foniva Number, get the custom numbers and do not pay any fixed charges.


Foniva Number Allocation

Allocating a local number and deriving the benefits of Foniva is very easy now!


Foniva THK

Drop off your costs with Foniva’s wholesale Line-hiring


Foniva Corporate Internet

Enjoy the high-speed of internet with the alternatives of Foniva Corporate Internet



It is a managable and adequete cost VPN solution with different access technologies.


Foniva Bulk SMS

You can reach to millions of people or corporations the most economical way instantly with Foniva Bulk SMS


Foniva Smart Fax Service

You can manage to administer your business and will not be spending time with Foniva Smart Fax Service



We are good in our business and trying the hardest to be the best!

We are honored to create special solutions and projects with our energetic, dynamic and enthusiastic composition as a team with the years of experiences coming from the telecommunication sector. As a young and dynamic Foniva Family, by providing.

7/24 services and solutions, we know that we are the strongest to be your only private operator in Turkey.



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Our service quality has been officially registered with the security protocolles of 27001 Certificate to meet the expectations and necessities of our customers which really makes a difference in the sector.


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