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As a team of being in the telecommunication market for 15 years, we are honored to give you the special solutions and projects for your needs with the first-day enthusiasm and the idea of serving your company as our company. We claim that we are the most powerful company to be your private operator in Turkey as the youngest, dynamic and ambitious Foniva family.

Foniva with Years of Experience

Foniva with Years of Experience

With our local telecom services (STH), Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) licences, we give highly qualified services to our corporate customers as Foniva.

The Turkey wide-spread fiber backbone technology, high voice quality, simple tariffs and active reporting systems come along with very important price advantages within.

Backed-up, highly specialized and secured applicable substructure supported by the NOC engineers and 7/24 customer services, we offer a priority business. We follow up the  7/24 monitor systems and the Network systems alive and share the instant notifications through the Disaster Network System back-up located in two different cities. Our service quality has been  officially registered with the security protocolles of  27001 Certificate to meet the expectations of our customers which really makes a difference in the market.

With our strong partnership and our allignment with Turkey’s best universities, we provide  a space for the young people as a social responsibility and we know that they are the ones to make a difference in our sector.

Today, not only in Turkey but in the World also, we are stepping ahead of being a  World trademark with our developing projects for the local and abroad customers.

The feedbacks from the powerful finance corporations, universities, education companies, hospitals, public institutions and numerous family companies are showing that we are on the right way to progress and this makes us stronger.

We want you to know that we are working hard to give the best and the secure service with the strength we got from you.

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Foniva Family


To proceed with the laws of our company's policies and corporate ID.

To increase the service of quality for the maximum customer satisfaction.

To follow the laws of the legislations which directly effect our services and the sector.

To follow the technological developments and the innovative movements in the market.

To revise our quality management systems continuously and make progress for the enchancement of opportunities.

To be able to use all the sources efficiently with the help of our employees.

To follow the laws of quality management systems and to enchance all the activities.

Policies that improve us;









We are here to give answers to all your questions and needs and to find instant solutions as soon as possible.