Foniva Bulk SMS

You can reach to millions of people or corporations the most economical way instantly with Foniva Bulk SMS

Foniva Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a software system of practical, powerful and affordable way of sending ads’ and activities information to the  required people or the corporations practically and instantly. This SMS information and emotion sending system has gained importance as the cell phones are highly accepted and used in today’s world. That lead it toa very important outlet in the world’s marketing for the announcements and the campaigns.

Mainly it depends on the basis of sending an SMS or more to thousands of people at the same time via  the affordable conditions. Versus the other ways of commercial and presentational tools, it stands out with its power, affordability, reportability and security.

Foniva Telekom with its powerful substructure and its maintenance department brings forward the achievement of your goals quickly as, decreasing your marketing costs from the highest to the lowest, getting more feedback from your customers and achieving a healthy portfolio performance.

7/24 Back-up Call Center Support
Bulk Sms to Thousands of People Instantly
Access To All The Operators in Turkey and Around The World
The Messages which Do Not Reach to The Subscriber are All Free
Real Time Sms Reports
Low-Cost Marketing

      Bulk SMS Reporting

  •      The Bulk SMS forwarding programme service supports the delivered and undelivered forwarding report.
  •      Can be examined of the succesfully forwarded messages through this service
  •      The succesfully forwarded messages or the unsuccesful ones’ reports  and their examination are definite in 48 hours from the time of forwarding.( The main        explanation to this is that it continues trying in 48 hours until the the phones are opened unless it is specified)
  •     You can put a date on limitation for your message;  for example, the message will not be sent after 08:00 pm if not forwarded until that time.      

Why Foniva?


The service is provided with the most low-cost and the most highly quality served solutions for your corporation’s needs.

Excelent Substructure Utility

With the distributed total fiber substructre and point to point limitless capacity Metro Ethernet utility, Foniva provides a high quality continuous service to it’s customers.

7/24 Back-Up

The Foniva Customers obtain a standart support of back-up service upon their service-level guaranty over 7/24 call center. It is easy to reach out to Foniva.

Widespread Service Network

Without discrimination of the price and location of any cities Foniva provides all these services through the high intermediate connections of Türk Telekom and the other GSM operators and through the operations realised with the telecommunicatıon experts such as Turkcell.

E - Raporting

It is easy and secure to reach out to statistical information such as the calling times, the number of the calls and the prices with the qualified billing platform of Foniva’s web interface.

Easy Payment Choises

The Foniva customers can do their payments to the banks which are contracted to Foniva by automatic payment directives to their bank accounts or through the internet.

Disaster Recovery

Foniva Network aynı operatör tarafından 2 ayrı datacenterda Point to Point olarak bağlıdır. Master DC üzerinde yaşanacak bir problem esnasında tüm network Slave DC üzerinden geçmeye başlayacaktır.

Network, System And Customer Monitoring Follow-up

All the network and systems of Foniva Telekom are 7*24 monitored by the programmes and they have notification descriptions with mail and SMS.

Backbone and System Security

Foniva Network is protected by the operator with +10 Gbps DDOS attack system and is secured cut before the attack piles are reached to Foniva.


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