Foniva Mevlana

A tariff that transforms your corporation’s costs into profits!

Foniva Mevlana

Foniva Mevlana (TL/dk)

  • The prices are given as TL/minutes

  • 18% VAT , 7,5% ÖIV are not included

  • Foniva has the right to make changes in the campaign dates and the prices

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Local Call 0,038

Toll Call 0,038

Turkcell 0,099

Vodafone 0,099

Avea 0,099

International 1st Stage Fixed 0,056

International 1st Stage Mobile 0,33

International 2nd Stage Fixed 0,165

International 2nd Stage Mobile 0,405

International 3rd Stage Fixed 0,255

International 3rd Stage Mobile 0,255

International 4th Level Fixed 0,485

International 4th Level Mobile 0,485

International 5th Stable Fixed 1

International 5th Level Mobile 1

International 6th Stable Fixed 2,5

International 6th Level Mobile 2,5

Fixed Fee 0


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